Ecologically sustainable housing - a garbage house

Kde si představujete, že budete bydlet za deset let? Možná jste ještě neprozkoumali všechny možnosti. Když jsem poprvé slyšela o zemědomu, moc jsem tomu nevěnovala pozornost. Jenže pak jsem zjistila, že tohle ekologicky udržitelné bydlení je celosvětový fenomén. Zemljanka z pivních plechovek Původní myšlenka vznikla vlastně již před...

Pulmonaria officinalis

This year, spring came a little earlier - and with it the season of collecting medicinal herbs in nature. The first, still in March, appeared nettles, coltsfoot, poplar and lung. It will gradually bloom until May, according to the habitat. As its name suggests, it helps with diseases that threaten our lungs. Although it is a relatively well-known herb, ...

Immunity and CBD oil

One of the most difficult things to understand about CBD oil is its impact on the immune system. Is it positive or negative? Will CBD oil strengthen or weaken your immune system? There really is no simple answer to this, because technically both situations can occur, depending on the state of the autoimmune system. Below...

Green smoothie with hemp seeds

If you are looking for a recipe for breakfast that is guaranteed to kick you and put a smile on your face, even if you have been closed at home for some time, bet on a smoothie. Not only the body but also the mind will thank you. All worries fly away for a while. Need: 90 grams of baby spinach 10 grams of grated lemon peel ...

What do the intestines hide?

CML, or the Central Brain of Humanity, we all know from the series about the future as the main control unit. But did you know that as people we have more control units? Only recently have scientists finally focused on the intestines. How many kilograms (!) Of bacteria and microorganisms exist in them and what is their significance for the body. It's called ...

Soil pH control

If the grower aims to grow his plants on a truly professional level and thus monitor the proper course of their growth and flowering, he should definitely know what quantities and values to control - one of them is the pH value. In general, it can be said that pH determines whether it is water or ...

Coronavirus screening

The cohesion and resilience of the family, and indeed of any other society, is best tested by a sudden bad situation. Something that suddenly disrupts all their established mechanisms of action, and they must look for new ways of living and surviving in new, often dangerous conditions. Such a situation can be, for example, a major natural disaster, ...

Cannabis and my stupid repetition

Před pár dny jsem si uvědomil, že bych měl oslavit jedno své výročí. Je tomu již šest let, co jsem se rozhodl, že pro svou nevyléčitelně nemocnou dceru budu pěstovat a zpracovávat konopí. A že udělám vše pro to, aby tato léčivka byla zdarma nebo za malý peníz k dispozici všem těm starým a nemocným lidem, kterým, stejně jako mojí dceři, syntetické léky nepomáhají.

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Cannabis and perhaps an unnecessarily ruined life

I usually write about what cannabis can do. That it helps even where drugs fail. And also about the fact that these are his healing properties ...

Review - Flowermate Cross vaporizer

The Flowermate Cross vaporizer is a piece suitable for both dubbing lovers and those who prefer dry herbs. He is wearing two ...

Macaroni alla puttanesca

Too bad I didn't use spaghetti, because I could incorporate Rimmer's shout "Neapolitan Spaghetti!" (Rimmer is a character from the best series ever ...

Types of lighting for indoor cultivation - HPS - Part 1

First a little melancholy and history. If these lines are read by a retired grower who has more than 15 years of experience, maybe with ...