Jujuba (Ziziphus jujuba)

Have you tried herbal preparations for Chinese medicine? For some, this may mean an interesting alternative to our herbs, or even conventional medicines. They have amazingly poetic names, such as The Shadow of the Brocade Veil, The Storm from the Nomadic Steppes, The Fragility of a Rolled Leaf or, for example, the Pill of Bursting in Laughter. I will not discuss their effectiveness here, but only what herbs we most often find in these preparations.

Spring detox organism - start again and differently

Do you need to recharge your batteries after the winter? Get rid of Christmas leftovers and wake up life in the new year? The body calls for spring cleansing. We know how easy and simple it is. When else than now. It all starts in the belly Not only the butterflies in the belly in the first beginnings of love symbolize a new beginning. The intestines are the second brain of the body ....

Salad with noodles and hemp seeds

The coming spring is about lightening the menu. Forget the heavy sauces or dense soups you enjoyed in the winter. Rather reach for fresh vegetables, add noodles and hemp seeds. It's so easy, fast and tasty! Need: ½ – 1 red chili pepper, to taste without seeds2 garlic cloves 1 ...

5 exercises for a better morning - kick the day in the right direction

Finally spring is coming, the lights are increasing and the energy of new beginnings is spreading through the air. Even so, it can be difficult to get out of bed in the morning. Especially if you get up in the dark and the body is still somehow asleep. Start your morning with yoga! These five exercises will help you start the day successfully and easily. Get up with the right foot

Cannabis and ADHD treatment

Does Marijuana Help Fight ADHD? How does marijuana work in the brain of a patient with ADHD, what does the research say, and why do people turn to CBD to treat ADHD? There are growing voices in favor of the medical use of marijuana calling for the plant to be approved as a treatment for ADHD. Are Marijuana and ADHD Really Compatible ...

Review - Tectonic9 shredder with automatic dosing

The second product tested from Cloudious9 is the Tectonic9 automatic shredder and, compared to other shredders, it is a monster. This is also clear from its dimensions, which are 9 x 9 x 9.5 cm, and it weighs 255 grams. As with most shredders, you place the plant in the shredding area. A few turns in both directions and ...

Review - Atomic9 vaporizer

I looked at the portable vaporizer of dried plants Atomic9. It offers an impressive range of features and is truly affordable. The Atomic9 design is slightly smaller than the PAX 3 and boasts an attractive and pleasant to the touch body made of anodized aluminum. In addition, it is surprisingly light. A chamber that ...

Cooling the planet

Through Justdiggit's campaigns, the world is encouraged to help. To this end, it provides an online and offline platform for consumers, schools, artists and ...

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The use of marijuana in the treatment of depression

You may be among the millions of people who suffer from depression. And maybe you also tried to use marijuana and relieve your problems. Many cannabis users confirm ...

Wild grass: is there still cannabis still growing today?

Mankind has known and used cannabis for thousands of years. During this time, this plant was often uprooted from its original environment, planted, bred and grown in people selected, ...

Review - Flowermate Cross vaporizer

The Flowermate Cross vaporizer is a piece suitable for both dubbing lovers and those who prefer dry herbs. He is wearing two ...

Impressions and concepts of cannabis self-growers

Spring is in full swing and tens of thousands of people in our beautiful country have sown, sow or soon sow cannabis seeds again. Among growers, the number of ...