Home first aid - overweight


So to put it bluntly, and right at the beginning of the article, I say that neither herbs nor spices are powerful enough on their own to get rid of excess fat. However, they can help. But the first step will be to change your lifestyle. If you want to lose weight, I assume you are aware of the health effects of being overweight, or you may have already caught up.

Fatigue, joint pain, limited mobility, high blood pressure, problems with menstruation and possibly pregnancy, gout, sleep apnea, the risk of diabetes - I think this list of possible problems caused by fat stored in our body is quite enough to think about.

The debate on the topic of ideal weight would certainly be interesting. Try to forget about your ideas and expectations of the surroundings for a while and think mainly about yourself, act in accordance with your needs and feelings. Have fun. It may sound trivial, but a wounded soul may be hiding behind a wall of fat. And hatred or resistance are not the best motivation.

Did you gain two or three pounds over Christmas? It will probably be enough to go back to your usual diet, follow a drinking regimen and add movement to get your body back to its weight. However, if the centimeters around your waist have been increasing over the past few years, it is likely that a large dose of firm will and possibly professional help will be needed to handle them.

The magic word is lifestyle change. It really isn't just about walking up the stairs instead of taking the elevator or cutting off the dumplings for Sunday lunch. Although even these little things will be part of it.

First of all, it is necessary to make a firm decision and know why I want to lose weight, to have inner motivation - that is, to do it for myself, for my health, for my feelings, for my dreams. It is certainly good to find a partner, but always make sure that he or she is 100% sure that they will not pull you back later with their failures and fluctuations.

Are you determined to stand at the starting line? Uncompromisingly get rid of everything that could entice you astray and plan your diet. Once you know what to cook and have the ingredients ready at home, you won't have room to sin, because there will be nothing suitable in the fridge or in the pantry. You may be attracted to box diets, but with love and freshly prepared food made to measure will always be better and of better quality.

Forget about sugar, various goodies such as potato chips and sticks, and reduce carbohydrate intake - that is, especially reduce side dishes such as dumplings, pasta and various pancakes. On the other hand, you do not have to worry about potatoes, buckwheat, sorghum and other cereals or legumes. Yes, they contain carbohydrates, but also proteins, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Legumes and some of the cereals are also suitable for a gluten-free diet. You simply replace the side dishes with vegetables. You can indulge in what your throat craves. The seasonal and regional ones are of course ideal. Now in the winter, reach for fermented vegetables, which will also support your immunity, or for pickled ones. Meat will be an important part of the diet. Make sure it is as good as possible, avoid it from the supermarket and shop directly from farmers or small butchers. Sausages are best avoided, if you can not do without them, read the composition, they should contain as much meat as possible. The composition is also important for dairy products.

Make the food a pleasant ritual - spread out nicely, do nothing else and chew each bite carefully.

Although it is said that diet is the biggest part of weight loss, it is clear that it will not work without exercise.

Be sure not to overdo it at the beginning, the pain from strained muscles could easily demotivate you and you don't want that. Start with a natural movement and then add exercises according to your nature, something different will suit everyone.
So now finally the herbs and spices. It is clear that mixtures mixed by herbalists will be the most effective, but even in domestic stocks it is possible to find something.

Chilli - hot peppers contain capsaicin, a substance that helps burn fat. Thanks to her, we also feel full before. In the case of chilli, however, it is good to be slow, especially people suffering from high blood pressure or stomach ulcers should be careful.


Cinnamon - improves digestion and fat metabolism, helps burn calories faster and regulates blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Cinnamon can be used not only internally as a spice or infusion, but also as a wrap in problem areas as a helper against cellulite.

Lemongrass - lovers of Asian dishes certainly know what plant it is, because it is an integral part of it. Tea from this herb is also very delicious. Its effects include the ability to detoxify the body and calm the stomach.

Turmeric - a spice that has a wide range of uses, also helps with weight loss. It detoxifies, helps burn fats and at the same time suppresses the feeling of hunger. When consuming it, keep in mind that it is fat-soluble, so you need to add a little to release the active ingredients.

Black pepper - the notorious and commonly used spice for us contains piperine. A substance that according to research facilitates weight loss by improving digestion. Like most hot spices, pepper is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

Garlic - you can also speed up fat burning by consuming garlic. Of course the Czech, high-quality mallet. It also destroys harmful bacteria and flushes out unwanted substances from the body.

Ginger - in the winter it is an excellent helper for warming up and driving away any colds. By warming up the body, it also causes a faster metabolism, and thus fat burning.

Basil - in addition to improving digestion, it calms the stomach and aroused nerves. It also works great for problems with bloating.

Green tea - the effect we require is mainly powdered green tea, matcha. It has been known for many centuries and current science confirms the beneficial effects on our body, even the slimming ones.

Mint - just like basil soothes, relieves abdominal pain caused by excessive amounts of gas in the intestines. It also reduces appetite.

As you can see, losing weight doesn't mean you don't enjoy eating, it's just the opposite. In summer, when there is no appetite for hot drinks and spicy foods, essential oils will also help.

"Try to forget your ideas and expectations of the surroundings for a while and think mainly of yourself"