Yoga - the way of souls


The walk we walk in this world speaks volumes about our lives. And it is not just a metaphor, but also a precise definition of human existence. Do you walk with your head held high, or are you staring at the ground? Are you looking around? Do you have a straight back? The back is the bearer of our being and the basis of everything. And if it hurts, it means something is wrong in your life. The ideal cure for back pain and life is yoga.

Yoga is such a frequently inflected word today that it almost loses its meaning. It is accessible to everyone and teaches us how beautiful life can be when we dive a little deeper into our interior. How simple the essence of being can be, just slow down and breathe deeply in this hectic time. Yoga teaches us to observe, to experience fully now and here, to find out who we really are.

The name yoga can be loosely translated as the union of Self and Being. It is not only a way of relaxation, but it is also a way of life. Its origin dates back to around 500 BC, according to the first surviving mentions. The ultimate state of yoga is the state of enlightenment, when it no longer matters what is material and earthly.

Everyone can choose theirs here - from the beginning there were several types of exercises. Karma yoga deals with the causes and consequences for both the body and the mind. Bhakti yoga confesses the path of love for nature and all divine things. Rajayoga is built on eight levels of self-discipline, known to many as asanas or pranayama. Jnana Yoga focuses on self-knowledge and concentration. Finally, hatha yoga is probably the most practiced style with six techniques working with will and energy. Modern times also bring desirable innovations, such as bikram-yoga, exercise at elevated temperatures in the room, or pair yoga, which is a popular style for partners who take the quality of the relationship to another level. Power forms of yoga, such as workout yoga, are also modern.

You can choose a style that precisely defines your inner needs and search. And in today's busy world, you don't even have to go anywhere regularly, there are a lot of videos for "self-study" to download on the Internet. You can play them when you have the time and desire to exercise. But hand on heart - no internet will give you the same thing you will experience on the right course with a lecturer. And it seduces you to postpone and postpone the exercise online until, after all, it doesn't even happen. Finding time for yoga today is absolutely crucial! As Lucka Benešová, a hatha yoga teacher, says for almost 3 years:

"After the first yoga lesson, I experienced the feeling I felt first. It was a feeling of peace, security, freedom, self-love. The whole body was stretched, perfused and relaxed at the same time. From then on, I knew I wanted to do yoga more thoroughly. That I want to know my true self. Yoga is my way of life.


It gives me everything I need, fills in the blanks. It teaches me, inspires me, moves me on to the source. I was also enchanted by meditation. A state where everything stops and it's time to just be. Be aware of the breath and let everything flow and just watch. "

The body is in unity with the soul, and if something hurts on the body, it means that the soul in particular needs to be healed. For example, hip pain symbolizes, among other things, strong financial stress, which you must afford to let go of your life. Pain in the cervical spine, on the other hand, signals retained emotions, something that most often upsets you and you suffocate it. Headaches, especially in the frontal area, in turn signal, for example, excessive stress and strain. Yoga is the teaching of inner peace, finding the harmonious center of your self. It offers a variety of positions for creative stretching of every atom in the body. The exercise takes place calmly and slowly, with the cooperation of a deep, regular breath. At the end of the lesson, there is usually a moment for meditation - absolute calming of the mind and immersion within oneself. Finding your self. Paradoxically, most Europeans fall asleep at this point - in a stressful Europe, unfortunately, we cannot switch off other than by sleep, and as soon as we relax our minds and calm our bodies, we fall asleep. Falling asleep is a common shortcoming of all beginners and inexperienced European yogis.

It is good to practice yoga at least once a week so that the body does not lose flexibility. If you have the options, feel free to practice it every day. It only takes ten minutes a day to stretch, calm down, harmonize and take a moment of meditation. Ideally, light candles and play some relaxing music. Treat yourself to a moment when no one will disturb you. Neither the postman nor your pets. Be alone with your thoughts, which you let flow freely, and you will learn to observe them casually. It can reveal new corners of your mind that you had no idea about, unresolved traumas from life, and new horizons of your abilities.

Next time we'll talk about some of the most famous positions so we don't fall asleep!

It is good to practice yoga at least once a week so that the body does not lose flexibility