Cannabis and the futile struggle of Dušan Dvořák


We all have the misconception that if, for some reason, we go to court, that court will act not only in accordance with the law, that is, the applicable laws, but also, and above all, seek justice.

After all, the name of the ministry under which our entire judicial apparatus falls - the Ministry of Justice - also leads us to this. But it's not the only thing. We have all gone through a certain process of education. At first only in his family, where our parents and all our loved ones slowly instilled in our heads what is and what is not right. Later, a kindergarten and all the schools we graduated from, from elementary to the highest university, joined this process. Everywhere we were told that there is a Law and there is a Justice. And that when a court sits and decides in a case, it does so because it seeks Justice. It follows from the logic of the matter that the Law must not be above Justice. Because in that case, that Law would become Injustice.

Mr. Dušan Dvořák also followed simple logic in his actions.

"I help where others have failed. I help where our entire healthcare system has failed with all those synthetics, chemotherapies and radiation. So why should it be illegal? I don't hurt anyone. So why can't all the powerful can or don't want to understand? ”

Is this reasoning of his correct? Of course it is. He found himself in court because he grew cannabis. But not for profit. Of course, he probably had the costs of all this reimbursed. It is bad? It's not. If he hadn't paid them off, he could have been a begging stick next year. After all, as far as I know, he's not blamed for doing all this for business. That also indicates something. Nor is he blamed for ever forcing anyone to use cannabis. He did not stand with joints in front of the school and did not offer them to schoolchildren. And he didn't give them to adults with the intention of developing an addiction to them. Why? Well, because it doesn't even work. This is not how cannabis works.

Strange is another aspect of this whole case. Cannabis was listed as an official drug in January 2013. It was not included there by any gangsters within the framework of their laws and rules, but by members of the Parliament of the Czech Republic. And when you look at the selection of medicinal cannabis potencies in a pharmacy, many of you, my readers, will be amazed. There you will find medical cannabis from the Czech company Elkoplast with a balanced ratio of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), in a ratio of 6 % / 7.5 %. You can also come across medical cannabis imported to us via Germany by the Czech company Czech Medical Herbs from the company Aurora Cannabis from Canada with a ratio of THC 10 % / CBD 10 %. But that is not all. Both of these companies also supply medical cannabis with the potency of 1 % CBD and 18 % THC to our pharmacies. This is a force, as someone who uses cannabis just for their own pleasure would say, so he cares mainly about the amount of this psychotic substance.

Why I deal with it so much

Various in the press and in the appearances of some quasi-experts on TV, you can learn how dangerous dangerous tetrahydrocannabinol is, what can cause something devastating in our body and our psyche and that it could even cause our death. It's a lie. One common joint contains from 0.4 to 0.8 g of cannabis. If you take the entire permitted monthly dose, which is 180 g, from the pharmacy and consume this huge dose at once in the form of an extract, for example, you will be unimaginably ill. You will tremble all over your body. You will sweat in such a way that it looks as if the sluice gates have ruptured somewhere in you and all the water of your body has suddenly dripped out through your skin. You won't be able to move a finger, while your brain will be running at full speed and you will be convinced on the 100 % that you cannot survive. But you will survive.

You will be sick for one, a maximum of half an hour. Then everything ends again relatively quickly. You will be terribly tired of it, but otherwise absolutely nothing will happen to you. I know what I'm talking about because I inadvertently experienced it too. THC is one of the proven medicinal components of cannabis. There are health problems where the use of medical cannabis without THC would greatly weaken its therapeutic effect, in some cases even completely eliminate it. Cannabis is a very important medicinal herb thanks to tetrahydrocannabinol. So why the constant attacks on him?

So Mr. Dvořák really did not give anyone any dangerous drugs, but a highly medicinal herb. The herb, which our legislators also declared medicinal, and which was used here, in our territory, as a medicinal and means of communication with the gods more than thirty thousand years ago. Just remember to find cannabis leaves and flowers in one grave during excavations in South Moravia. The free movement and use of cannabis was not banned because it was dangerous. She was banned because she interfered. One hundred years ago, when the anti-cannabis campaign began, it hampered the economic interests of several large American companies, supported by sales policies, such as US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. For the same reason, its free use is prohibited today.

Cannabis is not dangerous for its users, but for pharmaceutical companies. Not only does it alleviate or even cure health problems for which synthetic drugs are not enough, but it also does so without bad and dangerous side effects, which is not the case with synthetic drugs.


The laws that outlaw cannabis today are bad. They are as bad as the American laws that made blacks in the United States subhumans and prevented them from sitting on the bus next to a white man, for example, and they are as bad as the Nazi laws that subhumans made of the Jews, Gypsies, and Slavs. Nevertheless, Mr. Dušan Dvořák will go to prison on the basis of an analogy of such laws.

Dušan Dvořák is not a simple personality. And I don't agree with everything he did and how he did and how he treated many people. His threat of breaking a bar from a fence over a certain deputy or senator was certainly not OK. But sending him to jail for trying to help sick people is a monstrosity of a very large caliber.

However, I have already heard the opinion that the Senate under the leadership of JUDr. Adéla Pluskalová could do nothing else because he had to follow the laws. Really?

What I think about such laws and what other laws from history I compare them with, I have already written above. But I am a layman, and so perhaps that is why I am not able to understand that even a completely perverted law, which goes not only against common sense, but also against the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms, and which even goes against our Constitution, must be observed. But what if many judges have very serious reservations about the interpretation of these laws?

I apologize, but I must reiterate the actions of another judge in a similar case, which I have written about several times. This is the case of Mrs. Marie Brodská, who grew cannabis for her treatment. She demonstrably didn't make money on it. It has been proven to help her a lot in the treatment of her health problem - stomach cancer and leg pain. Then a "good citizen" from the area betrayed her and a five-year judicial odyssey ensued. Mrs. Brodská was acquitted several times, even by the Supreme Court. However, the public prosecutor did not like it and decided to take Mrs. Brodská. And he succeeded. After five years of bullying and persecution, Mrs. Brodská decided that she no longer wanted to make him game, and hung herself. Sure, the reasons may be elsewhere, but the lawsuits certainly didn't help her.

And I would like to recall here the statement of Judge JUDr. Václav Krejčík, who tried Mrs. Brodská several times and also acquitted him several times. The statement he delivered at the end of one of these proceedings to the address of the public prosecutor. Judge Krejčík said: "The public prosecutor's arguments will not stand. There is no evidence that Ms. Brodska uses marijuana other than as described. I wonder at the police and the prosecutor's office that he is wasting his energy on such things. Mrs Brodská's conduct is not and cannot be a criminal offense. "

Of course, Mrs. Brodská grew cannabis for her treatment. Not for healing someone else, but for yourself. But is there really such a difference? Indeed, if you grow cannabis for your treatment, that's fine, but if you help someone else with the same thing you can use to heal yourself, will you go to jail for three years? What's the logic? And is there any in it at all? Why did Judge Krejčík, together with the Supreme Court, release Mrs. Brodská several times, and Judge Pluskalová sent Mr. Dvořák as a convict for practically the same act?

I grew cannabis for my daughter for more than eight years. From what I grew, I gained over seventeen kilograms of cannabis flowers for her. On the black market, I could get almost four and a half million crowns for that. But I didn't sell a gram of it. It was for my daughter that all the state-recognized synthetics not only didn't help, but hurt her even more. She decalcified her bones, caused bladder atrophy, repeatedly developed stomach ulcers, etc. Only with her disease, the progressive form of multiple sclerosis, and her symptoms, she did nothing. If I got to court Dr. Krejčík because of that, maybe I would defend myself. If it were in front of Dr. Pluskalova, I would end up in prison for many years and my daughter would die. So where is the logic of Judge Pluskalova's verdict? Or do the judgments of some of our judges not have any logic? If this is indeed the case, then our judiciary has nothing to do with law or justice, but is only an example of the will of the powerful.

"Cannabis is not dangerous for its users, but for pharmaceutical companies"

"Laws outlawing cannabis today are bad"