Review - Flowermate Cross vaporizer


The Flowermate Cross vaporizer is a piece suitable for both dubbing lovers and those who prefer dry herbs. It has two completely independent chambers. You can read how and if this idea works at all in the following review.

Thanks to its high-quality vaporizers, Flowermate has built a solid fan base around the world. Their herbal vaporizers, such as those in the V5 OX and V5 Os series, are used by thousands of people around the world.

Now they have decided to follow the increasingly popular trend of recent times and have embarked on the production of vaporizers designed for concentrates.

Dual heating technology

The Flowermate Cross vaporizer is the successor to the versatile Flowermate Hybrid X vaporizer and can work with herbs and concentrates. Improvements at Flowermate Cross consist of a special heating chamber for concentrates and vibration feedback.

As I mentioned before, the device has two separate internal heating chambers. One for flowers and the other for concentrates. The high-quality ceramic heating chamber on the herb side allows temperatures from 93 ° C to 220 ° C to be reached, with a heating time of less than 30 seconds.

A new heating element capable of reaching a temperature of up to 350 ° C is placed in the chamber intended for concentrates. The specially designed chamber for concentrates enables the production of truly exceptional vapors.

First impression

Flowermate Cross surprised me by looking at its box, thanks to which it looks like a luxury product from the beginning.

You can get to the above-mentioned chambers by lifting the magnetic hinged lids. To make it as easy as possible for the user, the lids are marked with specific symbols for herbs and extracts.

You can use any chamber. The cross is supplied with a glass mouthpiece with silicone rings and can be connected to both chambers.

Waxing of herbs

First, open the herb chamber and fill it. The herb chamber is marked with a leaf icon and has holes at the bottom. You must not stuff the chamber too much!

As soon as you add dry herbs and turn on the vaporizer, you will feel a brief vibration. Then you have the option to choose which chamber to heat up.

Personally, I don't think the herbal part of the vaporizer works as well as other herbal vaporizers. Smaller chamber, shorter seating time, less pronounced steam. But it is something else for use with concentrates.


Concentration vaporization regime

Unlike the dripping of dry herbs, you must press the power button while using the concentrates. You have a window of 15 seconds before the heating element switches off automatically. However, you can press and hold the button and continue waxing.

On the contrary, I liked the functionality of the part intended for concentrates. The taste of the steam was very good. It wasn't as fast as a typical vaporizer for concentrates, but it was like having a session with herbs, only the concentrate was in the machine instead.


Creating a hybrid vaporizer sounds like a great idea, but to be honest, I was expecting something a little different. Based on previous experience, I believed that the device can handle great, especially herbs, because most Flowermate vaporizers designed for dry herbs can handle them perfectly. On the other hand, I had no expectations of the concentrate vaporization regime.

So I'm surprised by the end result.

The first surprise is that Cross is a much better vaporizer concentrate. It does a great job in this mode and produces great steam. It heats up quickly and has relatively good battery life.

The second, and slightly negative surprise, concerns the vaporization of dry herbs. I got much less than I expected. No dense fragrant vapors, their very indistinct taste was a great disappointment.


I recommend Cross mainly as a concentrate vaporizer. The possibility to use it with herbs is not its strong point and it can be considered rather an interesting supplement.


Technical Specifications

Height: 8.3 cm
Width: 5 cm
Depth: 2.3 cm
Weight: 225 g


  • Nice and practical design
  • Excellent vapor quality when used with concentrates
  • Easy operation


  • Low quality vapors in herbal steaming mode
  • The glass mouthpiece must be carried separately from the vaporizer

Rating: 84%