Vegan lecho with peas and rice


Lecho is a thick vegetable ragout or goulash, a dish typical of Hungarian cuisine. The basic ingredients of the lech are yellow pointed peppers, tomatoes, onions and hot peppers as spices.

In Hungary, however, it is very popular, as evidenced by the number of festivals held in his honor. Apart from Hungary, it is also popular in Austria, Poland, Croatia, Israel, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

There are many variations and regional differences on how to prepare lech - from the addition of sausage, bacon or eggs to potatoes, cabbage, rice or pasta similar to speckles.

In Germany, for example, they use lecho as a sauce, which they pour over classic fried schnitzel. In Poland, they like spicy, prepared with zucchini and garlic.

In this recipe, all animal ingredients are omitted, but the food does not lose its taste. On the contrary, it is enriched with spices and aromatic ingredients, which are both tasty and nutritious.

Recipe for 6 servings of vegan lecho sauce with peas and rice:

  • 3 tomatoes
  • 5 peppers per lecho
  • 4 peppers goat horns
  • spices: marjoram, sweet pepper, cumin, tarragon, satureja, pepper
  • 8 cloves garlic
  • 2 large onions
  • a piece of ginger the size of an avocado seed
  • habanero pepper
  • 150 grams of white rice
  • 150 grams of yellow halved peas
  • wholemeal flour
  • oil


In a pot or large pan, fry the spices in oil (over a low flame): a teaspoon of marjoram, a teaspoon of sweet pepper, a teaspoon of cumin, a teaspoon of tarragon and half a teaspoon of satureja.

When the spices start to smell and change color, add sliced vegetables: onions, garlic, peppers, ginger and habanero.


Dust or fry everything for about 10 minutes on a higher flame and then add the tomatoes and fry for about 5 minutes.

Boil about 2.5 liters of hot water in the kettle and pour the mixture over them, add salt.

Make a thickener: mix 3 tablespoons of wholemeal flour in a cup of warm water and pour into a pot of lentils.

Cook the lecho for about another 15 minutes, then turn off the stove and let it run under the lid and decompose the flavors.

In the meantime, prepare an attachment:

Soak peas and white rice separately in containers overnight. The next day let the peas cook, salt, cook for 15 minutes. Then add the rice (or add boiling water if it has run out) and cook both for another 8 minutes. Switch off the cooker and let it soak up water for about 15 minutes under the lid. Then drain the water. You can pour it into the sink, or keep it in the fridge for the next cooking and make soup, ragout or other sauce, for example.

Serve garnished with parsley or spring onions. On the plate you can taste the light with a light soy sauce without sugar and without glutamate.

Tip: Try to drip the portion roasted sesame oil - gives the food a meaty meat flavor.

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